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So to clarify, the fan is spinning well right now. The video was from the previous issue (which the capacitor fix took care of). It has not made that sound (and the fan has been working well) since the fix. If the motor is still bad, would it cause the current issue of shutting off the compressor only during a couple of the afternoon hours?
OK, I now caught the time sequence...sorry I missed it earlier. I was completely focused on that video.

As to your current problem, your previous problem may have led to the one you have now. The compressor motor in your video stopped running only when the internal overload inside the compressor opened. This was because the fan had stopped running. You then had the tech fix the fan. And now the unit cools except in the hottest part of the day.

Which tells me that the internal overload inside the compressor may have been weakened by your previous episodes of the fan motor locking up and causing the compressor to become very hot.

If the outdoor coils are dirty, you might try getting those cleaned to see if you can coast through the hot afternoons without the compressor cutting out. If they are clean, and the refrigerant charge is right, you may be on the hook for a new compressor or unit.