Hi All:

New guest and the first post. Got a 15 yrs old 5ton Carrier system (R22). Compressor was replaced 3yrs ago (under home owners warranty). Now the evaporator leaking so needs replacement. Before asking for quotes from my local HVAC professionals I would appreciate your thoughts on the followings:

#1. Is there going to be any benefit to install a TXV when replacing the evap? Current evap has fixed orifice and 10+ SEER.

#2. While reading online HVAC lits, I came across recommendations to add a P and inverted P trap on the suction line right at the outlet of the evap coil. My current system does not have the P traps on the suction line and worked fine so far. Should I ask the AC tech to add the P traps with the new evap? It's a single story house, the evap on the attic. The line is about 35 ft. 25 ft runs horizontal with about 2 ft drop and the rest 10 ft has about 8 ft vertical drop to the outside unit.

Thanks in advance.