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    CSI controls for sale

    The following controls were taken from a fully operational system in Melbourne Australia...I will send world wide...frieght to buyers account
    3 only 280450-11 rev d panels. with the following exp boards....2 only 280460 3 only 280470 2 only 280467-01 1 only POM:ex09 1 only 280462-01
    7 only Rd808-0 8 output relay boards 34 plug in relays only
    2 only 330435-1J board 1 with 330445-OIC exp boards
    1 only 33085-11 revc board
    2 only3308OIC with 330375-O2G exp boards330095-11 revb boards
    2 only 727OC boards
    1 only 7728-C control panel
    4 only 7718-C 1 with 330385-0 rev e exp 1 with 330385-03e exp 2 without expboards
    All were fully operating before removal most have male half of connectors but some are missing...would suit replacement issues. All are clean panels with no mechanical damage
    prices are negotiable....make an offer for some or the whole lot

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    csi controls

    do u have any others

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    Quote Originally Posted by mmahoney56 View Post
    do u have any others
    No That's all I have, are you interested in any of them

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    Most of those part numbers don't mean anything to me. It's a tag on the board. the 77.. numbers are good do you have any more information on the first 6 boards listed

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    Thanks for that feedback....I have looked for the 77...numbers and have the following list.
    4 off 7756 rev1.02 x2, rev1.10 x2
    6 off 7718 rev3.00 x1, rev3.02 x2 rev2.20 x3
    3 off 7700 DCU (no other info that I can see)
    3 off 7200 UC rev3.05 x2 rev3.09 x 1
    1 off 7760 UC1 rev3.36 x1

    These numbers were on stickers on chips on the boards.
    I will take images if you want and I can post them on this site

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