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    Central Air Problems This Year

    So it's been very hot in the northeast this summer. Our A/C has worked fine since me moved in 5 years ago. I believe it's 11 years old. This year, it stopped turning on. Tech came out...capacitor was dead. When he went to start it up with the new capacitor installed, it was in thermolock. He hosed it down and it turned on. A few days later, on a hot and humid day, it went into thermolock and shut down. Tech cam out (I wasn't home, my wife was) and he cleaned the was dirty etc...checked pressures said everything was ok. Hosed it down and it turned on. Over the past couple of weeks on hot days it shuts down....I now hose it down to get it going again. Should this continue to happen? Thanks

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    That is not something that should happen, nor is it good for the compressor. And you always run the risk that the thermal overload inside the compressor will one time open and then NOT reset. There are several things that can cause a compressor to go into thermal overload. Chief among them is a dirty outdoor coil (some coils are double banked and look clean on the outside while being completely plugged between the banks) and/or a stopped or intermittent outdoor fan motor. Other causes are much more rare so I'd be looking at the basics before launching off into the world of rare occurrances.
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    I checked the outdoor looks clean all around. I can see in between the fins but sprayed hose on them anyway and no dirt is coming out. It looks like a single coil. Question is...should the tech have identified the issue being here twice?

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    intermittent issues are just that, intermittent.

    if it happens while a tech is there, then a fix should be in order.

    if nothing seems wrong, then they should give you a choice of things to do. either nothing or start replacing parts at random until issue is resolved, which sounds best to you?

    as stated, there are some obvious things to check and some less common.
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