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    Replacedment Options for Older Carrier Comfort Zone Controller

    Well into a remodel of a 1997 built home. Air Handler/Compressor A/C unit replaced with a Rheem system in Oct 2009. Previous owner kept the Carrier Comfort Zone Controller. House divided into 3-Zones. Valves are accessible in attic space. What are my options for replacement of control system?
    The system control was operational until I failed to turn off the Ckt Breaker that powered the 24vac transformer feeding the Zone Interface Control Board. I blew the output transister Q1 on the board when I remeoved the Zone Thermostat. Any option for getting the board repaired? Is there a Circuit Diagram available?
    But the long term solution is a new control system, so looking for some professional advice before I call the local HVAC Contractor.

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    Carrier still makes zoning systems. If you burned up the main board. You can buy another one, not sure if compatible with thermostats you have now or not. Dampers should still be compatible though. Just call a contractor out to look at.
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    You have two options to resolve your dilemma. First, you can shop through a Carrier/Bryant dealer for replacement parts. Second, you can replace the entire zone control system with something new. Manufacturers of zone control systems include but are not limited to Carrier/Bryant, Honeywell, EWC, Arzel and others of somewhat lesser notoriety. It should be understood that the main purpose of a zone control system is to provide even temperatures throughout the house, not uneven. Also worthy of note is that proper system design is very important to prevent undue stress and/or more major problems with the system. A knowledgeable installing company is of the utmost importance. I would not encourage any do-it-yourself installation of a zone control system.
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