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    We're having a problem finding good help. I know, I'm a whiner, everybody is looking for good help. Unfortunately, we can't afford benefits yet. For the right person, we could work something out such as get them an individual health policy but they would have to help cover the cost. But since we don't have benefits, I don't feel right putting it in the ad. So my questions are these:

    -Do techs expect to get benefits or would you be willing to work with your new employer if you thought you'd enjoy your work?

    -How do other small companies deal with this issue?

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    A full time tech should have benefits.
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    I'm aware of that, as I said.

    Let me reword the question then.

    -Are all the techs on this site currently getting benefits from their employer?

    -If not, what made you sign on anyway?

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    Let me turn the question back to you. Would you want to work somewhere that did not have benefits?

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    Depends on the situation

    If the company was willing to work with me, YES, especially if I enjoy the work. Also, if my spouse already had benefits it wouldn't matter.

    As I said, we can get an individual policy for the right person.

    I'm asking how do other small companies word this in their ad?

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    I believe if you were expected to pay all or even a portion of the benefits they would word it as; benefits are available.

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    I jus got a call from a new employer, prospect, who sounds interested in hiring me. He asked what I want for a package.

    I figure he is chargiing 60 an hour, and I hear tell, a good man is worth 2.5 of that. So that comes out to 24 an hour for me. Plus benies.
    I checked online and found I can have Blue Cross ppo for $500 a month.
    Divide $500 into 172 working hours a month and you come out with $2.90 an hour which has to be added to that wage.

    Then add uniforms, take home truck, and some other minor things ... it all adds up.

    hope this helps.

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    Talking BCBS

    Sure is expensive in your area!

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    i just went to a smaller company that doesnt have benefits, that really doesnt matter to me. but some other people came with me from my former company and our present employer pays there cobra insurance.our pay is better. i get anhourly rate, which is beyond generous,we get 15% commision on all parts and sales,we get our vans, our cell phones, uniforms, and they are very flexible. like if you need a day off for some reason they make sure your covered.also they treat you like your part of their there some of the guys that live in houses that our employer owns, these are the reasons why i went to work for them...

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    At this stage of my life, I wouldn't be able to work for an employer that didn't offer (health ins.) benefits. I have 3 children ranging in age from 5 to 10 years old.

    As much as I may enjoy the work, get along with the employer, etc.... I just couldn't do it.

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    If you don't or can't offer beneifts, I'd expect the hourly tech pay to be higher than normal to make up for it.

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    fortunatly, my kids are off on their own but one and her mom carries ins. and yes most techs where i am avg 32 i make 55... so i dont do bad

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    Most, if not all, professional technicians expect benefits or an equivelant additional compensation to cover the costs of purchasing insurance and putting away money for retirement.

    I wonder if anyone considers it optional to purchse insurance for their service vehicles or buisness?

    I cannot imagine a professional tech accepting less than an object that doesn't bring any money in the door, unless of course their is an agreement, in writing, that he/she/I am now a principle in the buisness.

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