Hi, I've just found this site, and hope the questions I'm asking are within the rules and guidelines. I've been given an old 05/93 Fedders window unit model A1R08F2B Series 1473, 110v, 7500btu, and am not having any luck finding information on it, such as you would find in any users manual/guide, so I'm hoping some of your experience might can answer these questions just from a great deal of experience. I won't likely be hanging out here that much, but please don't take that as an indication of my being ungrateful for any help you provide in answering.

It has no front panel, and was very filthy, but still sounded solid and smooth, and seemed to be cooling. I dismantled it, removing the entire fan system, and cleaned the evaporator and condenser fins, sealed rusted holes in the base with some red automotive silicone motor gasket sealer, put it all back together, and it still seems to be worth using. I haven't installed it yet, but on my workbench(haha) in the back yard @ 98f, on low cool, it was returning 69-75f. There are 3 knobs, the top one opens the fresh air vent, the second one has 7 positions from top going CW, Off-low fan-low ac-high fan-high ac- and then concluding the circle with low and high fan I believe(but why would it have two separate low and high fan positions?)
The bottom knob turns appx 3/4 turn, and at the far right it seems to click(on or off/plugged in or not), which I presumed was a temp adjustment. While testing its temps, to the far right reached 72f, and far left dropped momentarily to 68f but then returned to 75then back down. I'm still thinking it's a temp adjustment, but which way is cooler?
I'll be installing this tomorrow, and also wonder, in your experience, what should be the drop from front to back? I've known one larger, different brand/model, to recommend 3/8" front to back, but it was over 2ft deep, and this one front to back is barely 16". I know this is important to keep a condensation level which allows the fan wheel to pick it up, but what drop would you recommend from front to back as best?

Thanks so much for your time, and experience, as well as any answers you might offer. I put the model number in the thread title, since a google search returned zero results, and hope it might also be helpful to the next person who searches this model