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    I and my wife recently bought a home that is approximately 50 years old and 1400 square feet. Though it was not the best looking home, everything seemed to be in working order. We figured we would work on it ourselves over the next few years, eventually sell it, and hopefully get about what we put into it if not more. 2 weeks into livng in the home, we discovered 3(count them 3) gas leaks that were unnoticed by the home inspector. All of the leaks were corrected but the 1967 furnace was disconnected due to a leak in the control valve. Since the furnace is as old as it is, we've been told that it might be better to just get a new one that is more efficient and smaller, rather than go for the cheap fix and possibly have further problems next year. We would also like to put central air in, which would probably be cheaper if put in with a new furnace. An last, we have a refinished garage without any vents so we would like to vent it. The major problem is that we have little space for new vents, and an old flat roof underneath our traditional one, so cutting through it would be a chore. We have had two estimates, one from a friends friend who is starting out his own business of $XXX.XX, and one from a larger company of $XXXXX.XX (who mentioned bringing in contracters). I feel that some of the work we can do ourselves which would eliminate the cost greatly, but of coarse anything involving the actual instillation would need professionals.

    Finally my questions? I've looked into spacepak and unico, which sound like they are very good and easily fit into walls and almost anywhere, but they sound pricey, are they?

    I've also looked into the Mr. Slim mitsubishi units, but they sound like glorified space heaters and ac units. how do they compare to a forced and central air units.

    Are there any units that I am not considering that might better fit my needs? Like outside units possibly? Or anything?

    And since we are on a very restricted budget we just want the most cost effective solution that could be seen favorably by a home buyer in the future.

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    gas furnace with a\c in main house and mini-split heat pump or threw the wall unit in garage space. $XXXXXis pretty cheap. don't go with someone who is going to sub the work out to another contractor that's not good.

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    no pricing please

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    Originally posted by 519layman
    . An last, we have a refinished garage without any vents

    Finally my questions? I've looked into spacepak and unico, which sound like they are very good and easily fit into walls and almost anywhere, but they sound pricey, are they?

    yes, unico is pricey..

    is the garage detached from the main structure? If not, run your ducting (not venting) through the wall,into a chase below the ceiling. supply on one side return on the other.

    your best return on investment is weatherizing-insulation, windows,ect.

    welcome to h-talk.the more info you give the better answers you get.Doing your homework might save some serious dollars.

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    I've been installing mini split heat pumps, up to 19 SEER, and they work great for old houses. Pricing is not allowed in this site, but the numbers you got from your friend are really cheap. I'd charge you that much just to stick in window units. Since you're planning to sell, whatever you put in now will be paid for, at least at face value, once you sell the house.

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    Thanks for all of the advice. Sorry about the pricing I thought that was referring to what board members would charge.

    The garage is connected to the house, but this house has been added to many many times, and in several cases the additions were done in such a way that defies logic. The house at one point had stuco all around it and a carport next to it, this carport became the garage with the stuco on that wall still in place, then it was remodelled to a family room. So as a plus the family room is pretty much soundproof, but there is quite alot to cut through between it and the rest of the house.

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    You may need a combination of Mini split units and central air ductwork. Whichever you do, It will be pricey to get it done right, but it will be done right! A really low bid is taking a big risk, which could end up costing you alot more in the end to get it done properly.

    I agree also to stay away from someone who will subcontract, doesnt seem necessary for a qualified contractor to do this, also then you dont know who you will get.

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