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    Rubber caps on capacitors are a need in LA. We have alot of reptiles and bugs that will climb onto anything warm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by XcelTech View Post
    Rubber caps on capacitors are a need in LA. We have alot of reptiles and bugs that will climb onto anything warm.
    It is kind of amusing when I open up a unit and find 5 or 6 little lizards laying dead on top of the run capacitor.

    I've never seen a rubber boot that would fit a dual capacitor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveN View Post
    I just pulled off the cover. The tech had replaced the wires and he used a heavy gauge. The unit has a built in holder for the cap but the cap was
    just sitting on the bottom ledge.
    It may be that the capacitor the tech had on hand was a type that won't fit into the holder. There are two designs, being round and oval. Depending on dimensions, you may not be able to get a cap into the holder provided.

    Let us know what the tech says about this, because we are not there to see everything.

    Reptiles in LA??

    I might want to mount the cap upside down, so reptiles can't get across the terminals, LOL!!!!
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    Cause of a burned terminal is typically corrosion or failure to tighten the terminal. I've had a few snap when tightening. I use pipe strap to hold capacitors in place when the new cap doesn't fit the old holder. I've seen capacitors walk around the compartment due to vibration, something ugly happens way too often.
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