My first floor system is an old 10 SEER York 2T installed 1992. Flawless from day one, has only had routine maintenance, capacitor and contactor replaced, 5 2 1 start kit installed. Current temp outside 85 - unit running - air from registers is 57 degrees - works beautifully.

My second floor unit is a 2 year old Goodman 16 SEER w/variable air handler 2.5T. Current outside temp 85, air output from registers is 68 degrees. (moves way more air than first floor as I guess is expected in a higher SEER unit?)

Both units have TRION High Voltage electronic air cleaners w/ MERV 8 pre filters. Both have UVC in line.

Why would there be such a discrepancy in output temps? Why would the second floor always 'feel' more humid though the temps regulate just fine? I can take a 1st vs 2nd floor humidity reading if needed.

It it just the nature of these higher SEER units?