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Thread: AX custom tree

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    Could I please get a copy also.

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    I would like to see also please. Maybe one of us could throw this on a jace and share and contribute to it that way. I will have a spare jci soon that I would be willing to do a dyndns on.
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    I missed it

    I guess I missed the mass emailing. Please, I'd love to see what you're doing. My email is in profile. Thank You!

    Quote Originally Posted by ControlY0urMind View Post
    Guys, I apologize for the delay. I've got a new baby, and I basically had to sit down and create a Vykon station from scratch and add in the html goodies. The one I originally had was a JCI station and was dependent on a ton of modules which I was having to send out as well.

    I've included you all in one email and attached the station.

    This station has a custom flashy drop down menu bar with hyperlinks and all of the .px files are rendered into a single frame. It also has what I call a "Weather Widget" (which wont work because the station is not online) and an image slideshow, both in the header area. I hate Internet Explorer because it is absolutely filled with bugs so I've made this site to run on most other browsers, so IE will not show the menu bar correctly.

    This layout also works great on mobile devices, but I've found bug in the Touchscreen Web Profiles in AX so its not quite right with touchscreens and I'm trying to find a fix for it.

    Load this station into your directory, start it up and check her out in your web browser.

    This station was created in Vykon AX 3.6.31

    Username is user

    Password is password

    Sorry in advanced for the shabby Chiller and Meter px's. I'm just trying to show the navigation and not pretty pictures.

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    I wouldn't mind posting it somewhere for easy sharing but I would need ControlYourMind's permission first... and Im not sure what the rules are for sharing links here.

    Based on all the security attention from Shodan Im sure we could find a willing public host (j/k)
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    pass it on, i dont mind a bit. unfortunately, i iust havent had the time to resend it out.

    did it work okay for you? eventually im gonna make another one for 3.7 and see if i can integrate some of the new functions.

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    I wouldn't mind checking this out also.
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    Could you put me on the list.

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    CYM, can you please send the new one to me, if you want I can put it in a dropbox folder and share the link so you don't have to email everyone.
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    Yah, dropbox sound good.

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    Chop, chop. Hit me up with that station boy. Thanks.

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    Hopefully this wont get me in trouble Its not dropbox but it works.

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