I need to bounce this situation off you guys.I work for the county school system as cafeteria equipment tech and one of my schools just got a new floor drain system installed.That's why I'm here.
It was ran in 4" PVC.We were of the understanding cast iron would be used for the section the steamer and steam tables dumped into but somewhere along the line the whole system got ran with PVC.Now the task of insuring hot water(170*+) doesn't get dumped into the line has fallen upon me.Normally I'd just say the rinse solenoid will take care of that,but the steamer(VSX24G5) is 14 years old, the rinse solenoid fails sometimes and I've also got the steam table to consider.I REALLY don't want to melt the pvc,especially since I feel the damn system was plumbed incorrectly to begin with.I made my concerns known in no uncertain terms and we're now in a standoff with the plumber and school stars Tuesday.
What do you gents think would solve my dilemna.I'm considering teeing the steam table drain(3/4") into the steamer drain(2" coppper) and installing a second rinse solenoid/probe assembly just downstream of this,effectively make the steamer drain rinse redundant.I don't THINK the steam table will be much of an issue because of the amount of water involved and the distance to the drain it'll travel beore it dumps.
Any suggestions?