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    What do you think of these numbers?

    Here in Michigan it's 87 degrees outside and the discharge tempature is 52.3 degrees.


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    Indoor supply air temps alone don't tell us what other things we need to know in order to tell how the system is performing.

    What data is needed:
    Performance Data Collection – Best Time to collect data is late afternoon around 4:30 pm, when attic is HOT; also when outdoor temps are around 85; 95; 105F or, anywhere in between.
    *All U need is a good thermometer (digital reading in tenths preferable) & and indoor Humidity Gauge

    1) Helpful; Tonnage & SEER of Unit & outdoor condenser model number: ___________

    2) TXV or, orifice metering device? _______. Only if U know…

    3) Outdoor condenser’s discharge-air-temperature ______-F
    Subtract Outdoor air temperature: _______
    Outdoor Condenser Air-Temp-Split _______

    4) Need the ‘Indoor’ percent of relative humidity - in the middle of the rooms or, at Return-Air inlet grilles ___
    5) Indoor Return-Air Temperature ______
    Subtract Indoor Supply-Air Temperature ______ -F
    Indoor temperature-split _______-F

    We need the above information, plus "a Tech's" Pressure readings & Superheat & Subcooling temps, for troubleshooting & performance analysis.

    Example below:
    A Goodman 2-Ton 13-SEER condenser, 800-cfm indoor airflow; 80-F indoor dry bulb & 50% relative humidity; Indoor temp-split 18 to 19-F.
    @ 85-F outdoors; 103.9-F - 85-F outdoors or around an 18.9-F temp-split;
    @ Indoor 75-F & 50% RH condenser temp-split is only around 14.9-F.

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    52.3 degrees might be great, might not.
    Post all the readings you have.
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    ill be even more impressed if you tell me your return air temp is 72.3 degrees.

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