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    IQ Drive A/C Runs all day at 1000 rpms

    Whatever temperature I set the thermostat to, the A/C will cool down the house to that specified temp, but the A/C will be running all day at 1000 rpms. It will never shut off. The only time it will shut off, is when the temp of the home is 2 degrees cooler than what the thermostat is programed to be. Is this normal? My electric bills have been outrageous. More than double of what my nieghbors bills are and they have the same size house as me.

    Can someone please tell me how the IQ Drive is designed to perform and what it is supposed to do? Thanks.

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    When it is running all day like that, what is the humidity set point, and what is the actual humidity reading reported by the thermostat?

    When it is hot out, it is normal for the system to run continuously at a low capacity.

    If your duct system and/or air handler are located in the attic it is absolutely critical to have an absolutely air tight, and well insulated duct system.
    Duct leakage, and/or heat gain in the ducts, will destroy the performance of a variable capacity or 2 stage system.

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