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    Magic chef evap btu rating

    I have a customer in need of replacing there evap sections, pans and deck under evap coil rotted out. I dont know how Magic Chef does there ratings through model or serial numbers. Condensers have been relaced and there info tags are long gone. Going off the compressor numbers i should be looking at 2 ton systems. But would like to know if anyone could help on the break down on the evaps.
    Magic Chef (1983 i belive) M# HT342-2
    s# 36511DGB
    stamping # 31250C004
    Going by the numbers at evap, it would look more like 3 ton coils. Just trying to get a heads up on equipment and not finding much info. on Magic Chef. Thank you

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    are u serious?

    I put a lot of Magic Chef in back then but can't help you there. but I do know that the coil is a 6 seer coil, so the question of the day is why would you try to fix the coil? Buy a new one man.
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    Not looking for repairing the old coil. I was looking for what the tonage of the coil that is in it now. For replacing ... Repair as in system repair not coil repair

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    What's the outdoor unit? Are you keeping it? Then I'd look for an evap that came as close as possible to matching it.

    If replacing all, who cares what the old one was. Do a heat gain calc.

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    The person wants outdoor to stay. they run and before anyone asks.. yes we talked about replacing all and they dont want to. The problem is the outdoors tags are worn so getting tonage off them isnt going to happen. the numbers on compressor shows it at 2 tons. I was asking about break down on evap tag because i wondered if the condencers matched evaps that are there now ( due to condensers being replaced before ). I dont come across magic chef often and thought someone that knew them might know how to read tonage on tag

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    I found something. Mated with an old MC 2 ton A/C so look for a comparable 2 ton slab coil.

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