I was just wondering how many jobs can you do in a 8-10 hour shift be it cleaning and servicing a mix of gas inserts, pellets stoves, open fireplaces, etc..

Just trying to get info and time allowed for such. last couple weeks usually able to do 4-5 jobs in a normal day with a mix of all.

Whats been pretty cool is that I get a job with multiple units in the same home a wood stove in the living room, a pellet in near the dining room, and another pellet in the guest home out back, its nice when you do multiple that way.

Got 2 service calls in the morning then open for shop stuff in the afternoon, the most calls I have done is 6 and that was a flawless/seamless day with no troubleshooting calls strictly cleans and sweeps.

Well thanks for the info have a nice one.