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    Compressor RLA

    Compressor LACA-031-TAC
    RLA 10.0A
    Case old open multi deck frozen meat Tyler d6f8
    Ref hp80

    Unit tripped breaker store reset and called in service call.
    I arrived and found compressor off on overload cooled off and found running high suction and high head like 40psi and 310psi and high amps 16a or so.
    Adjusted CPR down to 16.4psi (-22F) and 282psi and amps at 10.86A.
    suction psi in case 34psi. Case temp at 24*

    Looked up compressor on the copeland calculator and found amps dead on, but not outside opperating envelope.

    Compressor is inside opperating envelope until about 26psi and 282psi at 14.8A

    Question is how much over RLA can I run this compressor?? Or should I run it over RLA??

    Would like to run suction as high as I can, do to store being very hot and humid with the open frozen case... This thing is not going to win any races with the CPR holding back.

    Left case running over night to see how it pulls down.
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