Not sure why I can't link to it (when I use the 'insert link' buttont he link doesn't work), but I read on my local Fox news site this morning about Romney's proposed changes to the tax code, and then it linked to a discussion of it at the Brookings Institute.

They say the bottom line would be a reduction of taxes paid by those with high incomes (above $200,000) and an increase paid by those middle and lower income earners.

Is he crazy? How can he possibly expect to get the support he'll need from the middle class to defeat Obama if this is his plan?

The WORST part I saw was that those who earn $1 million or more will get an average cut of about $175,000 -- those earning $75,000 to $100,000 get a cut of about $1800 -- those earning less than $40,000 will pay $130 MORE!!

I have some issues with Romney but am ready to vote for him, but this just blows my mind. Who is advising him on this? Are they trying to lose the election?