the truth is, in a perfect world, i wouldn't agree with a death penalty.
but a perfect world is not what we have.

anyone who thinks it's a great tragedy to kill a criminal probably has never really met one.
there are some people , who by the age of 20, decided they are going to be a menace to society and the reason why is for some psychiatrist to figure out.
these people are ruthless, no matter what rules we set for our society there will be people who challenge them.

this, and the fact our society is being structured to be unforgiving,
the chances of a criminal turning their life around are growing slimmer.
our society says "change your life, and do it without being able to work"

there is no doubt, the way our society runs the prison system is "cruel and unusual punishment"
our system ACTS like they can't stop the murders and other crimes that occur, and they ACT like they can't stop crime lords
from communicating from within.

the truth is, our leadership is corrupt, and the crime that happens within the system is part of the punishment the law hands down.

criminals are given access to laws and lawsuits so they have the ability to cause havoc in the legal system from behind bars.
there was even talk by the Democrats, about 10 years ago, of allowing them to vote.

under the current circumstances, we are better off supporting the death penalty.

the left-wing crusade against the death penalty is not about outrage over the idea the state is killing people, it's because members of the left don't like the idea of someone committing a major crime, then simply being dead a few years later, they want to hand down a lifetime of torment