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Yeah, what we could have is scary. Maybe we are just a bit lucky right now and things are relatively comfy. I did a lot of reading to answer my questions and it did open my eyes. I am concerned but not convinced though but I see no reason we can not be a little cautious.

I just wonder where is the tipping point, our society is built on greater consumption and growth. It can not go on forever the world is a finite. May not be an issue for the next 10 or 20 years but looking to the next 50 or 100 or 200 years I do not know how we can go on always using more.

An asteroid, major volcanic event, solar spectacle, anything could reduce us back to the stone age. And there have been cyclical ice-ages with 30k warm/100k cold on record and we are due for another one or over-due. Ice sheet over half of the USA, scary. Ocean algae or Co2, nobody knows, but it happens on a regular basis. Scary.

I am not sure where your point is going, but if it is that 'we should be more concerned with maintenance than growth' I am on the same page. I hate waste and extravagance.