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Thread: Tubing benders

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    So I have the Yellow Jacket and reverse bar and it's great, but want to get a few sizes of dedicated benders... such as the imperial one mentioned earlier.

    Anyone have the swagelok? How do they compare to the Imperial? Or to the Ridgid? or Rothenberger? Are there any other manufactures I should consider?

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    I'm personally not a fan of tubing benders on 7/8" piping, pipe tends to oval out or even worse dent and kink. I did my fair share of coil replacements this summer on systems that were put in by other companies and found that to be the case. I'd rather use elbows for bends.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnnymick View Post
    ....or Rothenberger?...
    I have plenty of Rothenberger gear, and it is very good quality.

    If I needed one of their lever style benders, I wouldn't hesitate. I already have Imperial lever benders.

    The Rothenberger ratchet bender will work with the YJ reverse bender attachment after some modification

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