Ok so I have been going nuts as of late having tons of problems with my tools. I use a cooper atkins temp clamp and it hooks up to my fluke 116. I was using it while working with another tech and he said it wasn't reading right so he got his.out of the truck and we had 20 degree diffrence almost. Yhis would explain alot of my problems lately. What can I use as a constant to check my setup. Ice water should be a constant 32 degrees right?

Problem # 2 my vacumn set up I can't for the life of me get a good vacumn anymore on anything.and I am always worried is it my work it my tools. Just convinced the boss I needed a new vac pump today so we will see if that was it but I have replaced my hosrs used nylog on fittings pulled schraders I'm going nuts. My.Micron gauge I think is on the fritz but I don't just wanna up and buy a whole mew setup because I think that's what it is. Has anybody had these problems before what did you do.

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!