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    Quote Originally Posted by hearthman View Post
    Yes, the massive expansion of the Food Stamp program was catapulted in 2004 under W so yes, he is partially resposible as are the rest of Congress. However, expanding the Food Stamp program is a liberal concept-not a conservative one. The libs have always whined that the Right never crossed the aisle to meet them. Well, in this case, W got on a boat and rowed across the Atlantic then hiked across the continent and swam to Hawaii to meet the Left. Similar issue with the Rx for seniors program. Another example of a 'conservative' acting like a liberal.

    So, to attach blame on those programs as part of our current mess is to attack liberalism and the Right's spineless leadership.

    To re-state the situation, in every case where the Left has expanded social programs, the standard and quality of living for those targeted has gone down.

    As if the Food Stamp program isn't big enough we have the USDA spending gobs of money advertising for people to sign up for food stamps! This is an outrage! Talk about more paid voters...The Left is hellbent on destroying people's will to be an individual to vote themselves into slavery by the Left. It is sickening.
    Great Post. And correct me if I'm wrong. Wasn't the food stamp/welfare program originally designed to be a temporary measure of assistance so that people could get on their feet and gain employment.
    It seems that the liberals would like it to be a permanent solution for survival to many.
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    We are always going to have abuse in our welfare and public assistance programs and these programs are always going to be around. Even a 20 year tea party control of the white house and congress would do nothing to stop the abuse.

    The reason is children. Politicians...even though they could not care less if thousands of children in this country were dying of starvation will never let themselves be seen expressing thier true feelings. They are always going to fund these programs and put up with the abuse because there are a lot of american voters out there...dem and rep.... who dont want to see children go without.

    Neighbors, churches...communities...... you just dont have enough people willing to give enough to help these kids....... the government must do it...... and even though these degenerates out there cheating the system dont deserve...and many times truly dont need help.... they understand that as long as they have children...the government is going to be there to help.

    I would like to see the poor and disabled forced to take a good physical exam.....and if they pass force them to get a job or..... execute them.

    Deadbeat dad laying around the house all day doesnt do anything for his kids...... kids would probably be better off without him.......

    Anywho..... welfare aint going anywhere...and its going to continue to grow as time goes on and we blue collar working stiffs are the ones who are going to be stuck with the bill.....

    forever...... and an eternity.

    Forced sterilization........Forced labor.......executions...... it all sounds horrible......but its really the only solution.

    We are headed down the road to becoming another third world country.......
    The bible is my constitution and the constitution is my bible.

    WE THE PEOPLE refers to THEM and not YOU.

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