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How do you know its not the norm? Pretty sure it has been going on since the beginning of time. Are you against interracial relationships and marriages as well, they aren't the norm are they? I have worked for gays, had met gays and honestly they seemed pretty normal to me. The pope projects his feelings in the open maybe there are people who take offense to his views and beliefs. Fringe religions, I see, according to the Catholic Church most other religions would be classified as fringe. The reason why I stepped away from the Roman Catholic Church after my pre-cana courses and CCD classes before I was married was hearing all the hypocritical BS spewing from mindless people.

I have one more question how many against the gay community have watched a lesbian porn flick and didn't turn away?
First off, we are not against the homosexual community. We just want the homosexual community that has declared war against our way of life to stop attacking us.

And yes, I enjoy watching lesbian porn. I would not want to be exposed to lesbian sexual behaviour in public. I also do not see where scripture addresses anything that would condemn lesbian acts that do not involve sodomy.