I've been working on a Scotsman CME256AF-1A machine. I've given it a good cleaning and such, but it keeps locking out after the 50 minute freeze time. I've checked the float eyes and it is working. (I have the IOM) My ambient is 88-90 and water is 74 degrees. My pressures seem a little high on the suction side near the end of freeze cycle, 42-48 PSI.
I am getting a temp. of 88 degrees on the outlet of the HGB valve. Could that be the problem? Also the float is not adjustable, the float and eye look new wondering if it is the wrong float.
When I push the float down before the 50 min. mark, say 45 min. And force a harvest the ice is the perfect shape.
BTW it an air cooled model, head pressures are in perfect range according to IOM.