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    Makita 12v ,

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    My m12 driver has lasted about a year. Now the torque selector no longer clicks as you adjust it and the brake quit working. Hasnt bothered me enough to replace it but a bit irritating.

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    Athens, GA.
    I use the compact milwaukee 18v lithium ion. The weight savings is nice and the batteries last a good while on a charge.

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    A bat is what I use to beat a dead horse.

    I like the M12 Milwaukee. I use an Oxy-Acc.
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    Whatever brand you decide to go with make sure it's LI-ION!

    Another vote for the M12. Love that thing and its takin a pretty good beating too. Dropped it about 15' on to concrete with no ill effects.

    Also for a 18v set I just bought the new Makita Brushless Drill/impact set. Haven't used them a lot but I'm very pleased so far. Both are real light and quiet.

    As for the Oxy/Acetylene I'm in the same boat. Looking to switch from air/acetylene. I used another techs oxy/acetylene rig the other day for a troublesome TEV. WOW!!, I'm never going back!!!

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    I wanna see someone braze a 1 5/8 inch copper pipe with an air/acetylene rig so I can laugh at them 5 mins after they start, take a nap, wake up, and laugh some more.

    Not literally, I couldn't do that. I would watch for 5 minutes then say stop, stop, stop, and grab my oxy/ace torch and say here.

    (FYI I replaced a compressor on a PCA at the airport tonight. Suction line is 1 5/8 inch copper, discharge line is 1 inch. Unit is factory charge to 75 Lbs R-22. My Appion TEZ8 and Megaflow speed kit sucked it down to 378 microns in 1 1/2 hours. God, I love that vacuum set.)
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