I believe me and my family have been suffering from some sort of mold in the house for the past few years, but im finally to the point where i im convinced its something in the house. I live in south Florida where its always humid.

I seem to always have a dry throat and sinus issues and occasional breathing issues. I have had allergies all my life. My wife has sinus issues on and off. And my only 7 year old son has some sinus issues.

I have always thought there may be an issue causing breathing problems in the house, but did have my doubts.

Our family has taken a week vacation each of the last 2 years and i always seem to loose my sinus issues on vacation, but then they come back as soon as im back home.

I have had my a/c replaced about 1 year ago by a company i wish i hadnt used. The installer couldnt speak any english. Anyhow, i dont believe the a/c replacement helped or hurt the breathing/sinus issue, as i had problems before the new a/c.

1. My best guess is either the ductwork has mold or something causing my symtoms.
2. The old insulation in my attic is like really old recycled something and somehow it is leaking down into the house causing the problem.
3. I have found mold behind some of the baseboard, has been replaced, maybe its around more of the house causing problems.
4. My wife uses face cleaners on her face at night, maybe there causing problems for me.

My question is if i decide i want someone to come to my house and check the ductwork for mold, should i call a normal a/c repair company or should i try to get someone that specializes in finding mold.

I am fairly handy, part of me want to just cut into an area of ductboard near an attic opening and see if theres mold. My problem is i dont want to close back and then have ac duct leaks that i cant fix.

If you have any suggestions please let me hear them.