Hello All.

My name is Rob and I hail from Boerne TX (small town northwest of San Antonio).

I purchased a home here in the hill country 2 ears ago this August. It is a 48 year old gem owned previously by a "Custom Home Builder"....so it is riddled with interesting additions and improvements that sometimes have me and the contractors I have brought in scratching our heads.

The HVAC system was installed new in 2006 and functions but the home (3200 sq/ft) suffers from hot and cold zones due to really poor airflow.

So all you Professionals can expect a nice collection of questions over the next coming months as I attempt to understand the system I currently have and what direction I need to head in for upgrades/improvements.

Thank HVAC-TALK for hosting this site and allowing us equipment owners the chance to get more educated.

Rob Tynmann