was out servicing a pellet insert today, as I took out the combustion fan to
clean and brush off the blades and clean interior.

I hit the flue pipe and soot started spilling around the outside of the flue pipe inbetween the insulation that was stuffed in the damper area.

Being the newbie I intially thought there was a crack in the flue pipe or a connection came loose after closer inspection and then verification. I noticed that those assumptions weren't the case.

After speaking with my boss and asking about this situation, it was explained that sometimes when technicians put in inserts that they do not sweep or clean the flue before installing an insert.

Of course my company doesn't do this, my boss explained to me when I first got the job that doing something right is only right and the only way.

Another company did the install couple years ago but just wanted to know how often you guys run across this and how often do you take the pipe out to sweep the flue right then reinstall the pipe?

Thanks and have a nice one