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    water source ductless?

    Hello guys.....I have a customer inquiring about a ductless system.....He would like to go geothermal also.....

    I can get floor mounted self contained console unit's thru climate master but the wife isn't into the commercial look.....

    Anyone know of any manufactures of water source wall mount ductless units?

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    Yes look at

    You would setup a water to water unit like you would for radiant and then connect to the ductless wall ports.
    In my area Enertech is the distributor for multiaqua
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    Mitsubishi's VRF units has a water cooled model.

    Otherwise you can get seperate console heat pumps or ceiling recessed heat pumps. I'd think that City multi would be better overall.

    I guess it depends on how many zones.

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    MultiAqua is definitely an option for you with highwall units. There are also wall console units but they are not a residential looking.

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