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    Who designed a chiller like this?!:)

    Having an issue with a governair screw type chiller. It has 2 (50) ton compressors. #1 has hot gas bypass and should stay running and #2 comes on as demand calls. I'm having trouble keeping #1 on line. Controllers are saying alarm but but no alarms recorded in allerton controller or Siemans apogy front end. No mechanical alarms that need resetting. But unless I put it in hand ( runs normally) or reset the chiller by terminating power that it shuts off and #2 runs.

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    governair machines are built to order, and usually pretty reliable. I would suspect there is some condition you are unaware of causing the alarm. why is it going off? install gages and thermos and check charge, subcool, superheat, etc.

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    Has EXV valves?

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