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    I have an older GE heat pump and when the ac kicks on it makes an awful noise. At first I thought it was the blower motor and the bearings were going. The motor was replaced about 2.5 years ago. Today I have a local company come out and after 10 minutes of being there they said it was a blower wheel. Now I had the furnace open a few times to take a look and it doesnt seem to hard to replace this part. They want $XXX to do this. and that is on top of the $XXX I just dropped for my 10 minute service call. Needless to say I am not too happy. My question is where can I find the part I need so I can take care of this my self?

    I know I will need to drop the whole squirel cage and pull the motor and wheel to replace it. It looks like the cage is held in bye about 5 screws.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.



    (No pricing, due to site rules )

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    I guess WW Grainger or Johnstone Supply that really was not that bad of a price to get it changed out but that was your call, by the way they don't like you to post prices here, and I know yours was not a pricing question but it could have been read like one.
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    Ok thanks for the heads up. I am just a little frusterated.

    I will check out those sites.

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    Probably ordering the exact replacement blower wheel from the manufacturer. If it is close it is not the same. This might be reasonable for wheel, labor, freight. Pricing is not supposed to be discussed on this site.

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    I dont know where you live maxxfusion but where im from grainger and johnstone will only deal with you if your company has an account but hey its still worth a try
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    Me, I hope you stay hot and can't find wheel.

    Since when does a computer geek know how much it cost for anything in HVAC.

    This is not a DIY site so find it yourself.
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    Originally posted by maxxfusion
    Ok thanks for the heads up. I am just a little frusterated.

    I will check out those sites.
    man you are customer of the worst kind, you were being treated fair , thats way resonable,the tech did you right.
    it will cost you more when you ruin it & good uck getting the parts, let alone the wheel off & properly installed
    people like YOU are out of your gourd.
    you cannot talk pricing here. but since you spouted off, i have to tell you how wrong you are.
    this is what the god guy get for dealing with customers like You !
    your 80.00 did not even cover the cost of a licensed bussiness,tech , knowlege , gas, van, insurnace, workmans comp, etc, the list goes on, perhaps the company should have came out for FREE & told you misserable . what was wong so you can try & fix it for cheap. once again dont badmouth a good company that was very very fair to you
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    Gee, I hope I don't get in trouble for helping.

    Max, that's not a bad price for a blower wheel, unless you have lots of time and not a lot of money.

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    No DIY. No pricing. No bashing of homeowners.

    Man, you guys just got 'em all covered tonight.

    Please review the site rules before further posting.

    Some of you old timers definitely know better!

    Thread closed.

    Perhaps you should have read the instructions before calling.

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