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Thread: Johnson N2

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    Good day,

    JCI has been stating the demise of the N2 bus for some time now... at least 6-7 years at least. That being said I feel that N2 will be around for some time, (may not as N2 specific devices, but supported in controllers) as there is a huge install and customer investment base of this infrastructure. If JCI was to stop all support for N2, I can see a number of customers becoming very annoyed and as such they might migrate away from JCI simply because of this abandonment. Further if JCI did stop producing/supporting N2 and number of firms (like us) would step up and continue offering devices/support to customers that have a vested interest in maintaining their N2 infrastructure.

    As I said in a previous thread, it is not a (design) issue for JCI to support N2 within their MS/TP controllers regardless of what they may publicly state. N2 is far less sophisticated and resource intensive than BACNet MS/TP and uses the same electrical interface (RS485/EIA485) and so there is no technical reasons they can give for not supporting N2. Now choosing to not support N2 is a different matter and that decision is done by upper management and not by the technical ability of their controllers.


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