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    I read the post linked below as it pertains to heat pumps, and I'm pretty sure the answer is the same for a furnace to condenser line set. On a new install, the black foam insulation on the vapor line has been sliced along its length every 6-12 inches or so across the diameter of the insulation. The copper line is exposed. The slicing almost looks intentional, but it could be that the line/insulation got stuck on something when they were pulling it between the condenser and the furnace. Can this be fixed with duct tape, or should I request new insulation? Thanks.

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    It can be taped back where it is not missing insulation. They make a foam insulating tape that might be better. In a tight fit it is easy for the insulation to get torn when trying to install the new lines.

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    Call the installer and ask when they're coming back to finish the installation. IE: To fix the damaged insulation.

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    Sounds like a good place to use that pre-slit insulation with the pre-applied contact cement and a strip you pull to expose the cement when ready to seal it. Can come out neatly if careful.
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    Moisture from condensation can leak from those cuts if exposed....but duct tape will not work for long before it rots from the moisture. You really should just ask the installer to take care of it for you, sure he won't mind.

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