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    Bacnet Integration to Andover Continuum 866-V Controller

    I'm trying to integrate into a Andover Continuum 866-V Vav controller through Tracer SC via bacnet. I was able to scan the 25 vav controllers and pull them into Tracer SC. I am getting a lot of useful points and information, however the only point that I am not seeing is Occupancy which I need. Any ideas why I wouldn't see this point? Is it possible I would need the installing contractor to return and expose this point?


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    Andover controllers come with nothing in them. The points you see are whatever the original programmer put in them. There are no "canned" programs or applications everything is done from scratch.

    If you need an occupancy point then someone will need to add that to the point database. You will also have to define what this occupancy point need to do (close damper, use unoccupied setpoints etc...) because programs need to be changed to make your sequence work.

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