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    Yt and yk motor grease

    I just took over an account with 2 yt and 1 yk. I know the maintenance guys have been puttin Mobil shc100 in the motors when the grease warning shows up. I have the Mobil polyurex grease. Can i just pump that in till it flushes out the other grease out the drain plug port. It's not really an option now to shut chillers down and clean out bearings cause this is a hospital.

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    Your best bet at this point would be to contact Mobil tech support for compatibility of the 2 greases.
    However, polyurea based greases like Polyrex has a very short list of other greases it is compatible with...
    My opinion... When you have the opportunity, start fresh and clean or change the bearings. Cheap insurance...

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    from my experience every 500h 10 gram

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