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    Trane? Nutone? Comfortmaker? Others?

    I'm in the market (Tampa,Fl) for a new 13 seer 5 ton heat pump with air handler to replace a 18 year old unit. I started at Trane, American Standard and Carrier and now find myself looking at Nutone or Comfortmaker.

    I have googled and vetted companies with tenure and positive ratings so at this point I feel comfortable with the contractors, but not the metal.

    Having sold computers I know the best model can still have a lemon and the more I read the more convinced I am that paying more does not necessarily guarantee that the compressor won't give out and cost me an arm and a leg in labor costs. In my head the money saved by a moving from big name to lesser known name is worthy gamble.

    Random notes-
    Trane is offering 5 years of labor on their new design. That makes me nervous. That and the few posts I have read about it.
    Carrier-They seem to make a quality unit and charge a non discounted price.
    American Standard - Not impressed with the contractors. A shame since the reviews on the units seem pretty positive.
    Comfortmaker-Stumbled upon them when I started researching warranties. Appear to be a good unit with a good warranty and a price that would still be lower than the top three IF I factor in a compressor replacement.
    Nutone-Offered by the same contractor that offers Comfortmaker. Tells me the warranty is the best around.


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    Installation means more than brand name.

    A properly installed, builder-grade unit will last longer and perform better than the top-of-the-line model slapped in by hacks.

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    Trane has a new design? Model #?

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    Hyperion Air Handler gam5aoc6om, new in 2010. It has blow through coil design.

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