Hi everyone! before you said to me check your refrigerant charge i will explain the problem lol.

I have a trouble on a McQuay WHR110DA chillers with a air cool condenser. When I start the first stage he is at 50% high side get up to 320 psi before starting his first fan stage( a second fan the first fan start with the compressor) the low side is 75 psi. the high side go down with the fan at 200 psi and the low side stay at 70 75 psi. Leaving water temp is 53 degree farenheit. The second stage of the compressor goes on and he goes up to 100%. At this point, the low pressure go down under the low evap pressure cut out on the microtech 200 and he give me the alarm low evap pressure. I can have this problem 1 time a day. if my refrigerant charge was low the problem probably happen at each time the circuit get up to 100%.

when I reset the alarm, the circuit restart get up to 100% sight glass is full high side 220 psi low side between 60 and 65 psi, 13 degre f s-h

what's happenned?

Sorry for my english usaly speak french