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    Maintenance cost per annum,per ton.

    I am trying to develop a PM/maintenance cost for a multi-rooftop unit building comfort system installed on a stamping/welding facility. 3400 tons of Trane voyager RTU's, w/gas heat. Has anyone done this sort of calculation before? This facility is currently doing minimal maintenance, and I would like to be able to inform them what the "national average" per ton, per year typically is. Hate to see this multi-million $ system be destroyed due to lack of understanding...

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    $.5 /SqFt is an annual budget number thrown around for maintenance and repairs..aside from Capitol improvements.

    Life cycle cost analysis of the equipment would probably make a more convincing arguement due to early equipment retirement.
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    Show them the cost of filter replacements every 3 months, the cost of replacing belts once a year with proper tightening and sheaves alignment, and cleaning the coils once a year.

    Then show them the cost of replacing a compressor, 8lbs(however much those units require) of refrigerant, and a 6 hour vacuum because the coils froze and the comp ate itself. Plus the two hour minimum for travel time, diagnosis, repair part pickup, and then remind them how much the floor employees complain when its hot and take long breaks. Then show them how a contracted customer gets reduced rates or a full service customer doesn't pay for any repairs at all.
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    Spoon. Get your post count up and apply for pro membership, and access to the pro Business and marketing forum. Where things like this are discussed. And pricing is allowed.
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