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    Split System - Compressors and Estimate

    Hi, Hoping for some thoughts on 3 questions. I've just gutted a duplex apartment. Each floor is 16.67 by 40; the bottom floor is dining/kitchen/living and the top floor has 3 bedrooms. I just received a split system estimate. Installation and equipment; 2 condensing units on the roof and 5 air handlers in the apartment (2 on the bottom floor and one in each bedroom). Fujitsu. My quote is $$$$$. This doesn't include permits, filings, or electric.

    1. Is this quote reasonable?

    2. Do I really need 2 condensers? Can I just run everything to 1 condenser. This would save me $$$$$.

    3. Are split-systems a good way to go? Other forums are leading me to think there are maintenance issues and that I should be going with systems like Unico.

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

    Sharon (NY)
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    #1. Pricing and pricing related questions aren't permitted here. I edited the pricing out of your post.

    #2. I moved this thread to the AOP Commercial forum. You'll get more answers here.

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