Hey everyone. I've been in the HVAC field working for one company for a little over a year now and have over a year of training before that. Though I'm grateful for the opportunity the company I'm working for gave me in opening the door to the industry for me, it offers little to no opportunities for advancement. I'm a hard, diligent, and studious worker and am looking to advance professionally.

To date I have attained numerous certifications from HVAC Excellence along with EPA Section 608 Universal and 609. I recently found out that there is a NYC Refrigeration License (FDNY Refrigeration Machine Operator). In order to take the test I must go back to school and take a 200 hour course.

Does anyone know how valuable this refrigeration license is? Should I put in the time and $3000 or so to attain it?

Any advice regarding this license or advancement within the industry will be greatly appreciated.