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    Staging AUX Heat on Heat Pump Systems

    Instead of running all the heat strips at once when the thermostat or defrost board calls for AUX heat, are there other solutions that you have been successful at implementing? Most system use 20KW of AUX heat in our area, even though 10KW is enough in most cases.

    I've considered using one set of strips (10KW) for defrost heaters (Hook brown lead in air handler to white coming from defrost board in Condenser) and using the other 10KW for the AUX heaters (hook white of air handler to white of thermostat). If the house really needed all 20KW during a record breaking cold spell an outdoor thermostat or 10 minute delay timer could connect the 2 10KW strips together.

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    You could use outdoor thermostats to keep 10 kw off.
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