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    Does the evaporator have to match the air handler?

    Does the condensor (compressor, outside unit, whatever) have to match the inside air handler? By match I mean say for example the same brand? I've heard the SEER rating has to match, but otherwise?

    Basically we were supposed to get a Goodman unit with a ten year limited warranty, but a different company wound up using a RUUD which is the same as the condensor, but has a much shorter warranty. The reason given was to match the outside unit.


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    Your performance and efficiency will be the best it can be with a matched air handler/coil. Otherwise, who knows what you will have. Go to and register your new air handler for a 10 year parts warranty just like Goodman. That's assuming you have a residential install and posted in commercial by mistake. In a commercial environment, most products have 1 or 5 year warranty regardless of registration.

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