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    A UA National Agreement question.

    I've worked for Honeywell, Carrier & Johnson Controls - all have their own UA National agreements. My home Local's Service Jm is co-equal to all those companies Jm, in wages and definition. In this Local I'm working the designations Locally & the Nationals don't match up. So here it goes, are you a Jm for Carrier, Honeywell, Johnson Controls or Siemens but not making Industrial Svc, Applied Svc, Engineered Svc, etc., Jm?

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    Not exactly understanding your question but in my experience the local agreement supercedes the national agreement with pay and classification. Plenty of journeyman working for those companies making over scale.

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    In my home Local, the classifications are Service Apprentice, Service Tradesman Service Craftsman, and Service Journeyman. These are exactly the same as the National agreements.
    Here where I'm at it's different, Service Apprentice, Commercial Service Jm, and Applied Service Jm. I was told some of the "National" Jm's are being paid as "Local" Com. Svc Jm instead of Applied Svc Jm. Even though the "National" Svc Jm's work scope matches up with the "Local" Applied Svc Jm. Case and point, being underpaid.

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