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    I live in Buffalo, NY in a 2,400 sq ft. colonial 2-story house built in 1990. Looking to replace original heating and cooling system. These are my choices:

    I. RHEEM
    RGFD modulating 2-stage,variable speed 90,ooo BTU
    RANL Series A 3-ton 13 seer with 410A

    II. RUUD
    UGFD modulating 2-stage,variable speed 105,000 BTU
    UANL Series A 3-ton 13 seer with 410A

    Evolution Plus 90I 90,ooo BTU
    Prefferred series 3-ton 13 seer with 410A

    IV. American Standard
    Freedom 90 Comfort R 90,000 BTU
    Allegiance 13seer 3-ton with 410A

    which should I choose, each outfit is a registered dealer for there brand and seem knowlegeable about install requirements. Pros and CONs of each system? Costs are virtually identical.

    thank you

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    Since prices are the same I would go with either one or two (doesn't really matter they are the same unit).

    The Rheem/Ruud mod 90 furnace is very nice, if duct's are designed right there is no hot cold spots anywhere in the house. You will get no windchill effect from the fan, and it is very quiet.

    Maybe the baldone will post his chart that shows the output of that furnace.
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    90,000 BTU seems like a bit much for 2400 sq. ft unless you have a drafty house; did any of them run a heat loss calculation?

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    To answer question, NO. They either counted the number of air supply outlets or based their determination on past experience; however, included in each bid was an energy star audit of the house. My assumption is that they will perform the energy star audit first and calculate the manual J etc.. before installing the units?

    Does a New york state energy star audit include a manual J determination otherwise known as heat loss/gain determination?

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    With the matching thermostat, the *GFD is 13 stages not 2 stage. That's heating comfort the others can't touch! With the Mod and the RANL-036, you can get 14 SEER.

    Also, A-S doesn't have a 13 SEER R410a unit. So either he's quoting the 14 SEER or he's quoting a 13 SEER R22 unit so you better follow up on that.

    Here's the chart that caveman mentioned showing how the Mod can nearly perfectly follow the heat loss of the house compared to a 2 stage...

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    What things should I be looking for to determine if the install is correct for the modulating furnace?

    Any information on the New york state Enegery star audit and if it includes a true heat loss/gain calculation??????????????????

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