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    Our local inspectors are now requiring load sheets with permits for new construction or total changeouts. What methods do you use, software, short methods, opinions, ideas?

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    Click on that box....

    at the top of the page that says 'Looking for an easy to use load calculation program' and buy with confidence that it can do what it says. You'll be supplying that required paper in no time!
    Randy Yates

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    But when the inspectors never make it out to do a final inspection what does it matter? You can run a load and then install a different size and no one will know the difference.

    By requiring a load calc to pull a permit is a great idea I think but this will only create a greater tendency to not pull permits. No enforcement, no advantage.
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    load sheet

    wonder if you haveto do that for
    plumbing supply and drain
    roof runoff to get correct gutter size
    driveway thickness

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    heat load

    Submitting heat loads are required in our area, this is to insure the contractor is installing the correct equipment to
    do the job. The old rule of thumb (from 50 yards away does the house fit behind the extended thumb,yes 3 tons a/c, no =
    5 tons) Using the HVAC Calc program will insure you and your customer (and the inspector)that all factors have been
    concidered. The end result will be a happy customer, and you won't be doing call backs.

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    Can someone post this load sheet if it is already on line somewhere?

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    You Asked For It !

    Originally posted by edwardh1
    Can someone post this load sheet if it is already on line somewhere?

    Just click on the above pdf url and you can see a sample report done on my computer... You'll also notice that your psot is part of my image I am sharing :-)

    Seek out HVAC Computer at and take the software for a energetic live test ride !

    Mel, AllTemp
    AllTemp Heating & Cooling

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    This is common in Maryland. Do yourself a favor buy HVAC-CALC. It is one of the best investments you will ever make in this business.

    If you can chew gum and walk, you can use this program!!

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