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Thread: Four Season

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    Unhappy Four Season

    Looks like this unit was set up from the factory to change out a bad compressor thru a trap door down to the sales floor. The stores I am doing they never cut a hole in the roof to do this! Nightmare on elm street changing out #1 compressor 6D. Absolutely nothing to rig too. Mounting bolts welded to frame. After getting old compressor out (crane) swining the new compressor in was good but getting it in and over the bolts was a true
    nightmare!!! Any sugestions for future would br greatly appreciated!!

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    Nightmare or not you got it done so first suggestion be proud. Good job. Nature of the beast sometimes. I like angle grinders for welded obstructions to safe progress. I have actually built structure, platforms, tracks, rails, etc in similar situations. Not your fault it was put where it is so don't be afraid to do what you have to to get it done safely. I work with a guy who is fantastic at finding a way in these situations.

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    I have a couple of chainfalls and a come along. Add in a few straps, a small bucket of chain, shackles and eyebolts and you've got a kit to rig up just about anything.

    Some unistrut or 2x4s, maybe some plywood. Be creative, but be SAFE. Them SOBs are heavy.

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    I got 2 350+ pound Islander buddies who could lift a house. Together, they change compressors with their bare hands. so, get some of those.

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    Had to move 2 central air condensing units from ground level to roof of a single floor office building. Had a buddy with a forklift in the lumber yard down the road tho.

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