Told Boilerman I was going to do another photo documentary but on a Calyse 06D I did this morning.

Downtown Houston from 33 floors up ! The building Chief wouldn't let us do any brazing during the week so it was a nice Saturday job.

Old 7.5 HP Compressor with mechanical damage but still pumped well enough to close the suction King Valve and isolate the refrigerant in the heat exhanger ( water cooled unit )

The pot head drops out of the way and the unloader solenoid is tucked out of the way. Time to build the A-Frame/ Chain fall assembly.

Here's the chain-fall rig. Nice and safe way to pull a 06D out of a Liebert. The A-Frame is supports one side of the I-Beam and the unit supports the other side of the I-Beam. I put a level on it and shim it up on the unit side.

If it's not level the chainfall will slide around.

Old next to new and ready to swap a few things out. Have to button up the old one or Carrier won't take it back as a core. Notice the new Compressor ( right ) didn't come with a suction cut-off unloader head ?

So I had to reuse the old unloader head and a new unloader gasket that Carrier was kind enough to include with the Compressor.

For those not familiar with pulling valve plates and swapping heads on Carlyse Compressors be careful when swapping heads to use the correct valve plate gasket and not to ump the suction valves and keepers off their pins when reassembling.

Anyway on to getting ole' bessie out and installing the new compressor with the old unloader head......