My thoughts about the superheat should be lower. I believe the valve will ignore the load, and will strive to maintain the superheat setting of the valve. I left the superheat setting at 10 degrees, to protect the compressor. At this set point hunting is minimized, but still happening (low load). When I first got the new valve in, and saw the bad results, I experimented, the dropped the superheat to about 4 degrees, trying to see results in the frost pattern, no luck. All I got at 4 degrees, was more/bad hunting, and intermittent flooding to the compressor. So since my frost pattern didn't change from a certain point, I moved the set point back to 10 degrees, with minimum hunting.

I think gentlemen, we pretty much covered the bases. Before posting this problem originally, I tried several searches (with no results) if others had this problem, primarily with Randell rails. My end thoughts about Randell rails is, I think they build them correctly. I searched this site, and the web, and found nothing. The Randell Techs were also very helpful. It seems there are very few failures.

But at least, our interaction and documenting, will be out there on the WWW for others to learn, and compare there findings.