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    Meters for sale!!!

    Clearing out some redundant tools from my collection. All are sold as is with no warranty or refunds. They all work, I've used everything here in the last 6 months. Shipping is included unless you live somewhere with outrageous shipping charges like out of the us. I have a paypal account. Email is in my profile.

    FP hs35 with heads, manometer(gas pressure), amp clamp, micron gauge, sling psychrometer, carbon monoxide. Also has leads, strap on temp probe, alligator leads, male/female leads, and air probe. Everything was tested and works. Will need batteries, some screws are missing off battery doors on heads but the door still stays on and could replace screws. Was at a a customers house and a dog tore up the bag but it still holds everything

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    Nice fluke 177 Meter with leads in great shape.

    Attachment 279491

    Fluke 322, barely even used with peel coating still on screen.
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    UEI EM200 dual port manometer with hoses and static tips, needs battery

    Attachment 279511

    Thanks for looking!

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    the fieldpiece do microamps?
    Thomas aka...spymoocow
    Quote Originally Posted by garya505 View Post
    Ah, sorry I thought that's what he meant. An inch shouldn't make that much difference (at least that's what I always tell my wife).

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    Yes it does.

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